Monday 22 June 2015

First acrylic & rock painting

We were inspired by this book to try some rock painting.
Written by Linda Kranz, it's filled with beautiful illustrations and artwork of rock fishes.

Our poster colour simply won't do, so I got us some acrylic paint.
Have you ever painted with acrylic? No?
Neither have I.
I didn't know the paint dries quickly, so basically you can paint your designs
over the base colour in one sitting.
Tiger was in awe and my cool mom status went up several notches *ahem*.
For our first trial with acrylic, it went well.
 If you compare his purple and black fishes with the ones on the cover...very close, aren't they?
 Art is subjective. Don't judge. Haha.

Since he already smeared paint on the paper,
I suggested an underwater background instead of throwing it away.

We added some details together. I drew a submarine and some plants.
He added his deep sea creatures by Safari Ltd.
These creatures are the coolest.
The Buncho poster paint was used to paint the deep dark ocean floor.

I hate to say this but I couldn't remember their names :p
Thank goodness he made some name cards for the set a few months ago.
Weird names:  Gulper eel, hachet fist, dragon fish, giant imopod...

For children five and above, acrylic paint is great. It is going to be a staple in our art pantry.
For kids like Dragon girl who likes to paint on walls and floors, I would wait a few more years.

So, what other medium should we try next? 
We've tried air dry clay but he didn't enjoy it much.

Not even when I presented it so nicely.
These kids have no idea how lucky they are to have a crazy mom :)

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