Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tiger's Officially Four!

Officially a four-year-old!
Every time we try to get a proper picture, he is doing this.
Not that he is posing as a monkey but he is generally itchy. Eczema. 
Poor boy.

I didn't plan for any big party but we did go to Penang the week before.
Considered party la?
I guess not. So I prepared some last minute party packs.
His birthday is always during school holidays =.="
Double the usual amount of friends.
So, I went the cheapskate route and bought everything from wholesaler.
About rm5 per bag

 Tiger's special pack.
In it, I included a special present.

When I got home from work, it was still unopened.
It was this whiplash set from Cars.
Kesian my boy. Grandma said to wait for mama.
The power of delayed gratification. He does it way better than I can.

I made a card for him and asked all his teachers and friends to sign it as a keep sake.

At night, we celebrated with family.
Hubs bought him an ice cream cake in the shape of a rose.
I was like WTF??!!
No other chocolate ice cream cake available it seems. Issshhh...

For his birthday wish, I helped him,
"Mama will always be beautiful, Papa will be wealthy and good health for everyone!"
Tiger said, "No, I want Cars!" and everyone laughed.

His fav friend at the moment is Dee Dee.

Luckily my BIL bought some party packs waaay before his birthday.
Otherwise its just plain plates and cups.
And no noisemakers.
Thanks Clem, no wonder you are his fav uncle!

Then, it was present time!
His big present! A manly dollhouse. 
A marble run and a race track.
All from mama.
Told everyone else not to bring gifts.
I didn't even wrap the dollhouse, I mean the fire station.
God, I have to stop calling it a dollhouse =.="

My sisters helped and it still took an hour.
Thanks, guys!

Amazing, ain't it?
I have to take more pictures before it becomes scratched and ugly.

The monkey sister.
 This girl was just interested in the box :)

My precious niece, Dee Dee who cried when 
I declared that I was Elsa and She was Olaf.
She'd rather be the storekeeper than Olaf.
Hahahaha....too cute, this girl!

Some of our favoritest people in the world

At four:

Fav colour: Purple and blue

Fav subject: Math

Fav food: Ebiko 

Fav dessert: Chocolate

Fav drink: Vitagen

Fav fren: Pei yi and li zhe

Fav cartoon: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 
Doc Mcstuffin

Fav 'whatever': Anything with Disneys Cars on it

Fav person: Grandma

 Fav teacher: Mama

Best friend: Mama

 Fav hobby: Going to the park (with mama)

Best Mother in the whole wide world award: Mama (obviously)

Btw hubby gets worst dad award.
He forgot to pick up Tiger from class today.
And he kept laughing whenever he thinks of it.
I am going to delete this pic I collage for him!

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甯妈妈 said...

Happy Birthday Little Tiger~~ :)

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