Sunday, 22 June 2014

Product Review: SNUGG Ipad Mini Cover

Anybody with kids know that a good tablet/phone cover is essential.
Otherwise you may have to buy a new tablet every few weeks.
I have a friend who used a cheapskate cover from the pasar malam
and when her son decided to test if his Ipad can defy gravity...sigh...R.I.P.

My Tiger boy is not volatile, so his iPad ONE is still functional.
That's the thing about Apple products, they really last.
So it only makes sense to protect your device with a great cover.

Now, I was expecting a new iPad mini from hubby's supplier.
So, when this lovely purple Snugg arrived, I called hubs,
"Hey, where is my ipad mini?"

"Oh, that. I forgot to tell you that the supplier changed the target.
It seems we cannot get the iPad mini."

""What?? WTF? I already asked people for a Snugg.
It's gorgeous. And purple. So, what am I going to use it for? A wallet?"

This is the model that I received
Snugg iPad mini Executive Case Cover and Flip Stand in Purple Leather

I was already thinking about going out with my credit cards
all 'snuggly' in it

There is also a handy spot for your stylus.
I intended to keep my pen there because I tend to lose it in my bag.

You can also keep a small book or a wad of cash in it.

I was very sad to let my lovely purple Snugg go.
But the nice poeple from Snugg shouldn't have to wait for a review.
So, I passed it to my friend, PK and asked her for an honest opinion.
Since she didn't get the product directly from Snugg, her review would not be biased.
Besides. mothers and children are the best reviewers.
We are the shrewdest people okay?

Take diapers for example:
We know every different brands, their absorption power,
night use, day use, pants.
We are all pseudo-professors in many subjects.
Don't play play.

Btw, this woman's got TWO iPad minis.
If that doesn't make her an expert, the fact that one is a fake cover
and the other a branded one will probably impress you.


An imitation product bought from taobao at only RM15

Bought this slim design as a result of strong influence by the apple original smart cover and easy to carry around

Chose black color for easy maintenance as the original iPad2 bright orange smart cover that I have got stained easily

However, as you can see, the threads are coming off though hardly used.

Got a 2nd iPad  mini  and a friend of mine introduced a branded cover to me
Bought it at Low Yat for at RM80
My daughter was the one who chose this baby blue as she is a big fan of BLUE~~~~
The quality is quite solid

  • The overall quality is superior to my previous covers. The material is very durable and the workmanship is excellent.
  • This design is excellent for children in terms of protecting it as children tends to drop the tab easily (my iPad2 is broken as my daughter dropped it even though it was covered with the original iPad cover)
  • It is also handy for people in sales to use as a namecard holder as well.
  • The cover is magnetic, hence it closes neatly. 
  • Pleasantly surprised that the cover is somewhat like the original Apple smart cover with auto on/off function
  • And it comes with life time guarantee after you registered your purchase online
  • The only complaint I have is it is a little bit bulky for me to keep in my hand bag.

PK also sent me this when I asked about the spaces for volume and power button.
"Easy access," she replied.

Thank you, PK for your excellent feedback.
When I finally win my wrangle against hubby's supplier,
I am going to buy a Snugg for myself.

 Snugg manufacture and sell high quality premium cases for the 
latest and top devices on the market such as the iPad, iPhone and Nexus products. 
 They are platinum sellers on the Amazon marketplace and 
as a result we supply cases to over 200 countries worldwide. 
We also have a physical presence in 8 countries and to date have sold over a million cases.

For the design reviewed, they  have it 14 different colours
You can get your from
The Snugg (local)

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