Sunday, 22 December 2013

Winter Wonderland Sensory Bin

Easiest bin ever..
I know I say that ALL the time, but this time, really one :p
Base: Cotton balls, unifix cubes, and other white knick knacks to make 'snow'. There were fake snow in the shop that I had considered buying but the thought of cleaning them out of Dragon girl's mouth...yuck!
Mini Christmas Trees that we bling-blinged
Castle: Bought this eons ago and I thought, 'wasted investment' but hihi, nope...he loves it.

While writing the above, I've come to realize 2 things
1. I have been very lazy. Only 4 posts for December :p
2. Investment is defined according to personal preference.
For example, to hubs, it meant accumulation of wealth in properties and such with calculated risk. *insert droopy eyes and a big yawn*
To my sister and I: Investment in toys cash out when they suddenly discover an interest in a preciously scorned toy *pats self*. That's because our wealth is defined by our children's happiness.

Happiness vs Money. I don't look so shallow now, huh?
Fine...this shopping thing still needs work but hey, everyone has issues.

" If I see a psychotherapist, he or she will probably point out that it was because my mom used to hide all these new and shiny toys in the cupboard and we had to curi-curi take them out for play. It was in a cupboard above the bed. Ya, I know, some stupid 80's design la. We had to use pillows just to reach the toys, okay? A lot of work and determination went into each attempt but we never gave up.

My favs were the Atari, which we plugged into the TV ourselves (no one was electrocuted) and the Barbie ice cream shop. At this point I called Winnie to see if she remembers anything else we 'stole'? She said, "I stole my white bear (she still carries that thing around, prob infested by now...eeeee. Traitor doesn't read my blog, so it's okay to kutuk her here). She also recalled that there was a dolphin soap that we loved to smell (sound like weirdos but it was really, really nice) and the KFC coin box that plays some music every time you insert a coin.

At about 5 pm, we would repack the toys and hide them back in the cupboard. Without fail, we would then be reading our 'textbooks' when she arrives home from work. I mean, come on, textbooks? She fell for it, so...
It also didn't help when I visited a friend's home during the impressionable age of 7 years old. Her name was Alexandra and her American dad worked for the TNB or something. So, they lived in a huge colonial house and she had a freaking playroom. I remember telling myself that I wasn't going home. She had a toy sewing machine for Christ's sake! When I eventually went home, I declared that my children will have a playroom. So, now you know."
The beloved Ice Cream Shop
Image from Google. Now we all want this for Christmas

 So, if you are thinking, stupid, materialistic woman is going to create
little toy hoggers..sorry to disappoint you but
nah-ah, my kids, esp Tiger do not share my obsession.
They both walk in and out toy stores without meltdowns.
I know I am going to jinx myself for saying this but I'll take my chances.
In fact, I don't think I would mind..hihi.

Here's Tiger with his NEW toy
It starts with the beginner stage
He told me, "So easy one"
I rolled my eyes and said, "Wait and see first"

Muahahaha, challenging leh?
I took so many pics of his little hands at work

Not so easy, buddy.
See how the rods are self correcting?
Love the independent work.

Whenever I quote Tiger, you will notice that he speaks in 
a Manglish manner.

Where is my one?
What is this ah?

That is how I speak to him. 
I do it on purpose.
We are not some royal or aristrocrat.
We are simple people.
We are Malaysians.
Speaking in our rojak manner, with three languages in one sentence
makes us unique. I think it is endearing.

Selamat Hari Natal!
 Merry Christmas!


Kaysha said...

Fun! I got that castle toy for Xander for Christmas! Hope he likes it as much as Tiger!

Jessica Tan said...

I am sure Xander will love it, I flipped towards the back and they gradually increase the challenge which is pretty amazing for such a simple toy

Grace said...

Hi Jessica,

Can i know where can i buy the castle toy?

thank you.

Mama Bun said...

Hi jessica,
I've tried sensory boxes with my boy, but he doesnt seem to get it. The most my boy does with the box is scoop the filler in and out. he's 3 now. I dont exactly know how to teach him to play with whats inside the boxes. did tiger have trouble figuring out what to do with the sensory boxes? i like the idea of sensory boxes, but want to know how to make it more educational for my kids. Thanks for any advice,

Laura Flaute said...

Hi Jessica, I've made winter sensory bins too. Yours looks very neat! I love your blog and will try to read more - following you on G+. Found you through your CNY post :)

Jessica Tan said...

Hi Grace, Popular bookstores had it, You can also purchase from Here's the link:

Jessica Tan said...

When he was much younger, I will describe the content, using lots of descriptions, such as soft, rough, hard, fluffy, etc. Then I will demonstrate some one-one correspondence, tweezing, and some other fine motor skills. Sometimes, I will use the props to tell him stories. Most of the time he prefers to scoop. Now, I just let him explore and I let him 'teach' me.

Hassenahnah P said...

Glad to have randomly clicked on your blog, an easy-funny read..and also inspiring :)
Gong Xi Fa Cai.. Huat Huat year for you & family!

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