Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dilemma: Screen Time

Little Tiger is a Youtube and Ipad (also for Youtube) addict.


Since we do not subscribe to cartoon channels on Astro, he has yet to know Barney or Mickey. So, Youtube is fascinating to him. He does watch Astro's educational mandarin kid's channel Xiao Tai Yang occasionally.

It is so my fault for introducing him to this media of edu-tainment.
It started with the Dinosaur Song which now snowballed to a selection of about 50 songs. At least it ain't porn..yet. @.@

In order to get over my Mommy guilt, we try to learn during the 'singing'.

Here's what we have been doing so far:

1. Props.
We started with the miniature dinos for his Dinosaur Sensory Bin.
Then the laminated shapes for the Shapes & Colours Bin.
Currently, the 'It' props are the  felt planets I handmade. DAILY USAGE ^.^ with the Solar System song.

This, by the way, is his singing face

2. Musical instruments

Like these mini shakers and tambourine that he associated with the Jolly phonics song.

3. Puzzle pieces to dance to alphabet/number songs.

4. Books: Like the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book. Mommy love the song too!

5. Dancing and movement. Currently he favours the Kinderbeat tracks. Always a great workout.


Sometimes, I am in a bit of a fix over speed flashing as recommended by Schicida.
If you flash that fast, wouldn't the words look blurry and pictures look like a cartoon snippet?
That was how they made cartoon, right?

It is recommended that children less than three should not have any screen time.
It is a known fact that the American Academy of Peadiatrics recommended no screen time before 2.
If the increasing trend of ADHD a result of this?

Tiger was never really a TV person, I was.
Until he came along and took up every bit of my spare time.
Not that I am complaining :)
I did buy some baby DVDs like Brainy Baby and YBCR but he HATED them.
Guess he was smarter than me ^.^

Still, I am assuming that Tiger gets about an hour of screen per day.
Since MIL is his primary caregiver, I have zero control before I come home from work.
Once, I tried to approach the issue as tactfully as possible, like this:
translated from Mandarin

<<< >>>

Mommy: Hey, what did you do today? Did you watch a lot of TV?
Speaking directly to Tiger but within MIL's earshot :p

MIL: Where got?  I just on only lar.
I think she gave me a look

Mommy: Does he watch TV in the afternoon?
Feeling like the bad cop in a cheap grade B movie

MIL: No lar, where got time? Only during meals. Otherwise he runs everywhere.
Looking more irritated?? Or did I imagined it?

Mommy: Oh.
Tells self to shut the f*** up

<<< >>>

Since I couldn't remove the TV without looking like a total b***h to MIL, I did the next best thing. I took up half the living space for Tiger's learning stuff and books to entice him into doing puzzles, reading, etc.

It is still impossible to eliminate the background television but I guess you can't have it all, huh?

In Bright From the Start, Jill Stamm recommended programmes like Mister Rogers and similiar slow, calming formats. So sleep inducing and slow!

What is your take on the screen time and technology dilemma? 

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