Monday, 21 May 2012

Tot School @ 23 months.

We are still stuck in Umbrella/Weather Week because Mommy's busy nesting. Being the OCD that I am, nesting is a BIG thing.

Tiger pretty much ignored his trays this week except the M&D Stacking and Nesting Blocks but we did a LOT of reading, messy art and play.

He did choose some of his activities like these: 

Matching upper and lowercase letters

The  pumpkin-shapes matching poster from 2011 Halloween Party

We made each Grandma a Mother's Day card:

This was Po po's
We spelled out the words with puffy stickers, template and glitter

This was Nai nai's which was hearts on one of Tiger's many paintings.
This one is now proudly displayed on the fridge.
Daddy commented, "Eee, so ugly"
=.= "

 My messy, artsy boy.
Selected his own materials and asked to paint almost every night of the week.
This week, we started the lessons with art

My boys...
When Daddy comes home from work, he would join Tiger.
Well, more like he would interrupt school.
We will join Daddy for a late night supper downstairs.
Then, it's either bedtime or a reading session.

He is still very into his Solar System.
This week he started asking me to read the comparison chart as well.
He loves Fast vs Slow cause Mommy goes into her 'clown routine'

The day before Toy R US  warehouse sale,
I was just thinking about doing more art in the bath room,
and voila!
 .......Crayola Window markers.

I love watching him hold his pencil/markers/crayons.
It takes more effort when he is writing/scribbling upright.
Here's a link to kids' painting stages to watch out for.

Art in PJs
He had just woken up hence the bedroom style hair that defies gravity.
We had to do it first thing in the morning to avoid Daddy's morning ritual ;p

I stuck some leftover Rainbow worksheets on the glass panel but he wasn't interested.

I only took pictures of the fun stuff we did.
Other times, I was too lazy to grab the camera.

<<< >>>

Right Brain Practice
He is more keen on flashcards this week
We covered quite a bit of transport, animals, colours and occupation.

Space Memory.
He can do three items now

Linking Memory:
Still a flop

Math Dots:

*We are attending Ditoso's trial class this week*
They have classes in Chinese...woohoo!
Fingers crossed that Tiger will enjoy his lesson.

Momma's reading
Bright From The Start by Jill Stamm
Here's a recommmended reading list on baby brain books from

Linking up to Tot School @ 1+1+1 = 1

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