Thursday, 24 May 2012

Phonics play: SMART puzzles

We usually end our nightly 'school' sessions with games or puzzles.
Sometimes we just play with puzzles all night if Tiger wants to.

This Alphabet Match Up from SMART is one of his favourite at the moment.
Actually anything with alphabets will do :)

He calls it "A B C"

Smart-Aphabet Match Ups
Pic from

These are pretty reasonable at about RM18.90 each
 I managed to get several for RM10 each during the Toy R us warehouse sales.
Here's a link to for their selection of SMART puzzles.

Sometimes, I get to be lazy and sit aside to observe.
Other times, he would make me put on the puppets to play with him.
I can tell you that it is no fun handling pieces of puzzles with your fingers wrapped up in fluff.

He loves this game, especially when he thinks I am trying to beat him in finding the next piece.

Looking for 'u"

Neat, huh?

The moment he completes the puzzle, he would mess it up and start again.

As usual, I choose puzzles according to Tiger's interest and ability instead of the recommended age.

Since the single and double-piece puzzles no longer interest him, we have moved on to these as well.
Nothing to do with phonics but pretty interesting as the pieces all come in different sizes.
Each individual puzzle is 4-6 pieces.
These are available in Popular Bookstores for RM17.90 each

Pic from

We are attending a right brain school trial class this weekend.
I will share our experience with this Shichida method school in the coming week.

Have a great weekend!
I know we will.

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