Monday, 7 May 2012

Messy Play: Sand, Dinosaurs and More Shopping

Never promise anything unless you are going to do it for sure.

Let me start from Saturday morning, which was spent with one crazy Aunty Sharon minus kids.
After driving for almost 2 hours as directed by my $#!&&X GPS, we arrived at Jln Loke Yew for some  lawyer business.
Then, it took us another 45 minutes before we finally arrived at KLCC, the true destination!

We, the crazy mommies went for the Mothercare sales.
I realised that during the last sales, I only got Tiger 2 shirts!
Everything else was Lil Dragon's...he he..
So this time, with Tiger in mind, I came home with these:
1. Nine T-shirts (all 25% off)
3. Leapfrog Magnet Zoo Animal Playset (15%)
( btw, this is being sold in Mothercare for RM69 while ToyRus was selling at RM118 @.@)
4. White socks (bcoz I love white socks)
5. Medela membrane and valve. (10%)
6. ELC Flashcards (25%)
7. ELC Wipe clean music sheets (25%)
8. Not in picture is a bag of 10kg sand. (25%)

For dinner, we BBQed at Aunty Sharon's house till 11 pm where Tiger played with Lil J.
Before bed, I promised Tiger painting tomorrow.
Since Tiger slept with Grandma and I was not sleepy, I chilled out with Aunty Sharon till two thirty am.
Not very smart!!
At 9 am, the Tiger was banging on the door, shouting, "Mamamamama, go go go"
Half dead or not, I had to roll out of bed.
When I opened the door, he was holding a bottle of yellow paint...LOL!
Daddy pretended he could not hear @.@

We were going to paint when I noticed that it was a cloudy day.
So, sand play it was.
He approached with care since he is such a little 'kiasi' (scared to die)

I buried the fossil and he buried everything else :)

 My little boy was a little fussy when the sand got on his thighs
He was happier with a mini stool.
Building a sand castle and showing off to Mommy.

 My Little OCD
Notice how clean he is despite being in a sand pit?

Sand play has deeper meaning than dinosaurs or sand castles.
It is actually a form of therapy.
In sand therapy, patients or clients are given a tray of sand and an array of miniature
objects to symbolise their world or hidden feelings.
Pretty interesting stuff here.
Image from google

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On a lighter note, if you are a blogger cum Mothercare nuts like I am.
Please join their blogger contest.
Sharing is caring ^.^

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