Monday, 28 May 2012

Right Brain: Ditoso Trial

I love the weekends! Simply because I get to spend them with my dear boy.

Funny how a simple bubble machine can bring so much joy.
So, thank you my dear sister, Ashleeprettimummy for buying this for us.

The highlight of our weekend was attending the trial class for right brain learning at Ditoso in Kota Kemuning.

I was curious to see Tiger's response to the class. The right brain method class is very different from our home practise sessions as well as Tweedlewink. At home, he gets to dictate his lessons and choose activities of his liking. Usually he would reject flashcards and right brain materials. In his Tweedlewink classes, well, since the material is cyclical, he was becoming a little restless and bored.

We met fellow blogger, Baby Darren who brought her daughter Isabel for the same trial class. Isabel is only three months older than Tiger.

Tiger who is usually slow to warm up and sensitive to new environment liked the place a lot.

There were six children in the trial class. Three girls and three boys. I am not sure about their exact age but they should be within 24-35 months. Tiger's nearly 24 months :)

We started with meditation and relaxation where they dimmed the lights while the teacher told a story of going to the park. A few children started crying, so I hugged Tiger and spoke to him softly. He was actually more relaxed after that and asked to sit on the chair by himself ^.^

The next half an hour was spent rather quickly with memory games. Tiger kept asking for more games. What's wrong with MY games at home? @.@

The flashcard segment was really fast, about three cards a second. Since I was the one who flashed to Tiger usually, this was the first time I was at the receiving end. Surprisingly, you can actually see each card clearly and Tiger was totally captivated and stayed focus the entire time. He was totally soaking it up!

I am not expecting Lil Tiger to develop super human memory or ESP powers with right brain training.
What I personally like about the method is the fact that it centers the childs attention & focus and I think we all understand how important those qualities are in life long learning. Maybe that's why children who attends Shichida classes fare better than their peers. It is their ability to pin point their concentration and maximise their absorption while others are running about and day dreaming during lessons.

I was explaining this to hubby (and MIL indirectly) en route to Midvalley after the trial class so that they can understand why I am paying so much for the lessons. Note the I AM PAYING.

Daddy  :   Wah. The lessons cost so much? Darn that HSBC message service. Hubs basically knows how much I spend each time I use the credit card >.<
Mommy: He really enjoyed the lessons. He was so focused.
Daddy  : New toilet, nice to shit (translated from Hokkien)
Grandma: WAHAHAHA!
Mommy: @.@

I have signed up for one term since Tiger really enjoyed the lesson. In June, we will be attending both Tweedlewink and Ditoso but we may withold Tweedlewink next term as two enrichment classes is gonna burn a hole in my pocket.

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