Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Right Brain: Home Practice {28 months}

At 28 months, his home practice sessions generally last about 10 minutes.
Sometimes, we do a part of it.
Sometimes, none at all. {If mama's working late}
This is a sample of what goes on during a session:


 Welcome Song
{or Oppa Gangnam Style if that is what he wants}
As long as he is happy.

Hug & Kiss
Not a normal hug; a tight, I really really love and appreciate you looong hug

Energy ball
Here is a video on how to make one
He usually makes one for me too ^.^

Blowing exercise
To teach child deep inhalation and controlled breathing techniques.
This is a foundation for meditation sessions later.
On this day, he was suppose to move the tentacles.

Eye exercise
I printed mine from from Right Brain Shop but you can simply draw one yourself.
 It is kept in a clear holder
Using a red dot magnet in front and another pin magnet behind,
I hold it in front of Tiger and move the red dot up-down, right-left
This is to warm up his eye muscles for memory work later.

Photographic memory
Here's a demo video on how it's done
These are mama's DIYs since they are so overpriced.
On the left are 2 question templates placed into clear holder
I used Tack-its to place the icons randomly.
The blue folder are the answer sheets for Tiger to replicate the icons' positions.

Grid memory game
Tiger loves this game
I used the Tot packs from Carisa's for these since they are already the perfect size
and oh-so-cute!
Do check put Jolanthe's packs as well

This is from his Brainbox Set
I give him the card for 8 seconds before removing it.
Then I will ask some simple questions, like
Can you name the animals? How many birds were there?
Great for mental imaging

Spot the difference.
I give him 4 seconds to do this.
Tiger usually point out the difference, "This, this no same"

Colour memory
The icons are same, just different colours.
In these case, a clown balancing 3 balls

Linking Memory
Shen Li @ Figur8 is sharing her resources graciously.
Do check out her site to learn more about right brain education.
You can recycle old flashcards to do this.

You can buy from here as well

If he is still interested we will continue with flashcards or puzzles
Otherwise we will read before retiring for the night.

To read more about right brain education, here is our intro
For more free downloads, here are the links
Why I teach Lil Tiger from young (since 9 months)? Read about it here

My photographic memory templates/icons are from Google image.
If you would like a copy, just pm me or leave a comment.

You will need a printer, laminator and paper cutter.
A lot of work but think of the money you will be saving. $.$
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