Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Our Birth Story

Little Dragon is almost 2 months old. Jeez....where did all the time go?

I am back at work and hence I have some time to update my poor abandoned blog. I wanted to write about our birth story since day one but I just couldn't find the time.

After fussing and fretting about my breech baby and method of delivery, well, I was cut in the end.
Since I wasn't showing any signs of labour up till the due date, we decided for the C-section.  After consulting the Feng Shui Master (Hey, I am Chinese..hehe...actually, it was hubby who wanted to know the auspicious timing), it was decided that the wife (me) will be butchered at 9am.

On the appointed day, I woke up at 6.30 am to get ready for the big day. Scared as hell, of course. As I was having my shower, I felt contractions which subsequently became stronger on the way to the hospital. After admission, the CTG confirmed that I was having contractions. The nurse asked if I wanted to wait and see or proceed with the C-section. At that point, I was already keen to get it over with (knowing the 'auspicious' timing and all). Also, I had already made up my mind and mentally prepared myself for a caesar. All I had wanted at that point was a calm, prepared environment for the baby's arrival. So, C-section it was.

The operating theatre was COLD but the very warm staff made it easier with their kindness. Nobody mentioned what a fat butt I had, just kidding. The anaesthesiologist was very professional. Dr B, my obstetrician who did the surgery for free was superb. While I was lying on the table, I felt very calm and well, drowsy after the spinal was given. The whole time I was praying, "Please let my baby be normal. Please cry. Please have a good Apgar. Please look like me...."

Lo and behold, my little princess came out fine. In fact, she peed all over me for her grand entrance. At that moment, I knew I was falling in love, pee and all.

Then, came the best part, recovery. Let's just say the first 2 days post C-section was f**king crazy painful and unbearable. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone to go through the same experience. Whoever recommended side nursing clearly lost their marbles. I was in so much discomfort that despite the IM pethidine, I could not breastfeed properly. Bonding? Forget about it...So, I breastfed sporadically and let the nurses feed Lil Dragon in the nursery while I rested.

I was thinking that this was another breastfeeding down the drain since she was bottle fed, even at home but hey...guess what? She breastfeeds like a charm after 2 weeks of bottle feeding. By then I was pumping regularly to build up a proper supply and supplementing with formula as needed. After 2 weeks, we were fully breastfeeding and now that I am back at work, I am able to provide enough for her. At night, we co-sleep and she breastfeeds happily. She's a booby kid, this one :)

I digress.

We were discharged by Day 3 and I was terribly excited to go home. Thank God I have a mother who had the common sense to realise that I would not survive without additional help. She managed to find a last minute confinement lady who helped out for 10 days. Boy, was she ever a help. I would have plummeted into depression if it was not for her. Her cooking was so nice I probably gained a few pounds. Also, she makes the yummiest bath water...herbs boiled with ginger and lemongrass...felt like I was in the spa.

So, thanks Mom! You really know best...

We are almost 8 weeks now and looking back, I would not have done anything differently.
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