Thursday, 6 September 2012

Little Tiger a.k.a. The Abandoned Child

Poor, poor Tiger.... my abandoned boy.
With the new baby taking up all of my spare time and energy,
I simply had no time to plan Tot School.

He asked for school all the time but after 5 minutes of trying to do some work,
 the baby would start crying or whining.

During my confinement, he spent a lot of time on the Ipad.
Mostly playing with games like matching memory, etc.
Surprisingly, he wasn't keen on Disney channel ...hehe..

I did plan ahead by moving one of his shelves into my room
Here are some of the stuff we did:

Some line tracing, colouring, and mandalas

We tried to keep up with our right brain practise.
Ermm, not very consistently, I'm afraid.

These are his mommy-made photographic memory games

Physical activities:
He rolled the floor mat and monkeyed around

Stacking his Brainstorm blocks.
We did a lot of puzzles

My little multitasker:
Babysitting little sis and playing with his Ipad simultaneously ^.^

The boss...well, he kinda has been demoted by his lil sis..
He is more like the boss's assistant now.

From week 4 onwards, Tiger tagged along with hubby and I whenever we went out.
That includes going to Daddy's work place. Not a good idea!

I tried to spend some one-on-one time with him which usually meant walks,
ice cream or going to the bookstore.
Nothing that requires a lot of mental/physical work.

This post is my pledge to be a better mom to Tiger soon.
People kept saying that it will get easier..I shall have faith and be patient.


afiq-ctmm said...

Like the Little Tiger babysitting his sister while playing ipad :)
Btw, looking for that Brainstorm blocks but no where to find *sigh

Melissa said...

I found your blog on Tot School. Our kids are both close in age (25mon&4weeks). I struggle with the same challenges of getting interrupted every time I sit down to work (or even read!) with our two year old. So hard! Good luck to you...

Jessica said...

Hi dear, you can get the brainstorm puzzle from here:

afiq-ctmm said...

Tq Jess :)Take care.

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