Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tot School: 29 Months

When I typed 29 months, I realised it has been 20 months since we started
our early education journey.
*pat own shoulder*

I am still enjoying being the busy teacher mama.
Tiger is still the ever happy learner.

So far, his cognitive abilities includes:
Knows all 26 alphabets and their hard phonic sounds
Reads simple words
Counts to 100s (Counting to 20 was the hardest hurdle)
Able to quantify objects
 {I kept saying, don't count, use your camera eyes. Nope, he still counts}
Of course, there are children who can do a lot more.
Bear in mind we only do 'learning' an hour a day, 3-4 times a week

Sleep and nap takes 11 hours.
The other 12 hours, he indulges himself with the Ipad, 
TV (sigh, those damn frogs, I'll explain later) and toys,
bugging grandma, disturbing his lil sister or bullying the maid.
Typical busy 2 year old :)

Another benefit of 'school' is time-out for Grandma.
Recently, she has been telling Tiger to go study.
Haha, my lil chatterbox is driving her nuts.

These are some of our activities for the past 2 weeks.

Our cheapo version of movable alphabet :)
There are some pictures chips of cat, dog, tree, etc.
 So, I ask him to choose the ones he wants me to spell out.

Playing with alphabets made him think of his book and stickers

He still enjoys the Brillkids books, especially Going Places

I saw this fun tracing idea on Pinterest.
Nope. Didn't work.

Logic thinking/puzzles
Unifix puzzles

Fine motor
Pin rolling playdough.
I moved the dough stuff to his playroom since he wanted to play with it daily

He showed interest in flags recently, so we are focusing on those
He calls the map "earth"

Practical Life
Clothes pegs

After I showed him the flashcards, he did his usual OCD thing.
During this lesson, he was to match the names

Nerd boy enjoyed finding the matchy matchy miniature animal as well.

We did not do a lot of math work lately, except on this particular day.
He requested for, "Green one, I want put cards"
After he was done with the 20 cards, I asked "Can you count 1 to 20 for me?"
Tiger replied with a grin, "One, two, twenty!"
He was right!

Funny boy is into dancing as well but that's a post for another day.

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