Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Montessori: Three Period Lesson with Tweedlewink Flashcards

When we used to attend Tweedlewink, we were given a take home card at the end of each lesson.
It summarised the day's lesson and some mini vocabulary flashcards to cut out.

During the first few lessons, I diligently photocopied the card,
then lovingly cut and then rounded the edges...
All for nothing because Tiger refused flashing at all cost.

Recently, he started showing interest in flashcards.
Hooray for all the other flashcards as well!
{Phew, money NOT wasted!}

The Tweedlewink ones are really teeny tiny compared to his other cards.
They were visually a pain (to me) but they were perfect for Tiger's chubby hands :)

After rapid flashing, I gave him all 4 sets to lay out.
Like Step 1 of Montessori 3 Period Lesson, I name the cards as he laid them out.
Four sets seemed like a lot but he already knew half the contents, so that didn't count.
(Sets: Colour hues, Gardening tools, Emergency vehicles, Animals)
My little OCD enjoyed himself so much so he kept asking for more cards.

Admiring his work

Step 2: Looking for cards that I called out.
"Can you find turquoise?"

Step 3: I randomly selected cards and asked him, "What is this?"
I don't expect him to know all the cards.

I prefer the 3 part lessons compared to the rapid flashing because he gets to repeat the words.
At this point of his language development, he is storing new words and grammar for use later.
Besides, he thinks this is a game, not a vocabulary lesson :)
You know you need to be happy to learn, right?

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