Sunday, 11 November 2012

Little Tiger: 29 months old

My baby boy is growing up way too fast.
Has it really been 29 months since he barged into my life?

He is speaking with confidence and slowly moving away from signing.
His leftover 'baby words' are fuu-fuu and wa-wa.
He can say shoe and water respectively but he does it just to clown around.
I find his baby words endearing and I will miss them, a lot,
when they disappear altogether...

It is so fascinating when out of the blue, he said stuff like, 

"Mama, who throw all the leaves down?" after a storm scattered some leaves

"Oopsie, I fang-pi (fart) oh"

"Mama clean, kakak (help) clean and Tiger clean."
After a pause.
"Tiger clean so nice"

He is learning his pronouns, which is really cute,
"Nai-nai, Mama scold you"
"Wahaha, no, mama scold ME"

During a short break to Penang, I asked him to name some sea animals.
Mind you, I was expecting fish.

"Mama, I want to bwush teet"
This is his code for splashing water all over the bathroom.
After 5 minutes, " I help you wash glass"
"Okay"  Proceeds to wash glass

Still slow to warm up to strangers.
]On two occasions, I caught him snatching his toys from his peers.

Wonderful big brother, he loves the sister to bits.
Smothers her with kisses.
Must have caught the kissing bug from me >.<
He has a habit of holding his sister hands and calling her name.
Can't express in words how that simple action melts my heart.

well, let's just say we made zero progress.
Names 50 animals but he cannot control his bladder. Go figure.

Gross motor

Climbing stairs

Water sliding!
My scaredy cat..hehe
Daddy's waiting at the bottom, of course.
So much of difference from the boy who wouldn't go near
the slide last year at Hard Rock hotel.
This year, the sand is evil.

He is starting to drive me mad with his sassy two year old attitude.
Thank God grandma's with him 24/7 and not me!

To date, I have lost my temper at least 3 times.
By this, I mean, screaming at a helpless toddler for something that
he has done which totally defies reasons by my standard,
not his. Like climbing book racks, etc.
After each outburst, I end up ashamed and sorry.
I am not proud of myself but I am only human.
And as humans, we will screw up.
Motherhood is such a steep learning curve.
I am blessed to have a forgiving child who readily loves me back
each and every time....

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