Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Organization: Storing School Stuff

This is how our school room looks, right now:  
 Those are the usual shots I take.
After 3 years of schooling Tiger, I have to admit that 
I'd amassed quite a large collection of things.

It is still not much by American standards but by local standards,
I still scare a lot of people.

The following pictures aren't pretty but just to give you a rough idea on
how I organize the kids' school stuff. Minus the clothes, shoes, toys and outdoor things.
So, don't blink because I am only going to show them this one time.

My knick knack drawers.
Bought during sales from Giant solely for this purpose.
I keep it just outside the room.
As labelled:

 In knick-knacks, I store all the tiny things that will go missing otherwise.
This is also known as the choking hazard drawer.

I love these little containers from IKEA
This set, I stole from my mother since she wasn't using them wisely.
I love the transparent part which allows me to identify each one quickly.
We have golf tees, mini erasers, bento sticks, glass beads, mini colour sticks,
googly eyes, mini straws, etc

 Magnetic sets.
I find it easier to store in ziploc. 
Space saving too

This is the drawer for the containers, cups, plates, spoons

If you are thinking, that cannot be ALL of her things.
 You are absolutely right! Haha!

Here's more:

The study is also my home office, where I am slave to more paper trails,
usually in the middle of the night.

I use a dish rack to sort my mails/bills/letters.
On the wall is Tiger's model student chits :)

Under the table:
Too big a space to waste!
The craft box is just bugging me.

 and more here; next to my table.

Last but not least,
this eye sore above the cupboard
The puzzles, brain games, grolier bags, etc 
The covered gray areas are my personal and work-related folders.

Below them, 
Most left: Early readers
Center: Workbooks and teacher's stuff
On the right: Stationery and papers

Oh darn,
I forgot the pocket charts behind the door!

But you get the idea :)


Rebecca Sia said...

Love your sharing! ! Tks

甯妈妈 said...

where u bought the container which u put the pom pom n others?

甯妈妈 said...

oh,ya...and also where u get the shelf in the 1st photo that u put the tray too.

Siau Hui said...

jessica, this is really impressive!!! i wonder wat ur hubby and MIL say everytime when they see all these stuffs. Haha =P there goes all ur monthly salary but i really admire ur collections!!!

Lim Mavis said...

Give u ten like.......

Jessica Tan said...

The containers are shoe boxes from Daiso.
The shelves: Three similiar ones are from Giant. I think was 29 each. Third one near the toilet is free gift from Grolier.

Jessica Tan said...

MIL will do this face =.="...haha! No lar, she is actually happy I am homeschooling the kids, so that she can watch her Astro on demand in peace. Nowadays, she is the one who will ask, "Time for study right? Go upstairs"
Hubby used to it already la. I sacrifice my facials, massage, mani, pedi, handbags, clothes budget lar. Actually use less money than before...haha. Also downgrade from SK11 to Hada Labo. Save on kindy fee, concert fee, misc fee. Most of the things I buy during sales only.
Because the materials doesn't get destroyed, they accumulate. Unlike toys where after some time, some parts will go missing/rosak/break.

Jessica Tan said...

Thank you Mavis!

Jessica Tan said...

Haha, hope it inspires you too :)

甯妈妈 said...

oh...i also have many shoe box from Daiso,but..sometime just think not big enough. :P

siau hui said...

i only have 3 storage boxes and 1 bookshelf...but my MIL already kept complaining, asked me stop buying toys and books cos no place to keep ad. she also secretly shifted some of my books and teaching materials into store room! Sob sob. ..=P

Jessica Tan said...

Actually, pity my MIL also lar, now the living room also look like playroom for Tiger. I have to start giving tuition classes to babies to earn back some moolah...haha! But she will never move my things. I clean ALL THE TIME, so she doesn't complain. Sometimes, she will just comment, Buy toys , again? So many already. I usually just say, Oh this one? Yiyi buy or my BIL buy or for birthday..

Creative Dream said...

Looks great! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

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