Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Baby School: Lesson A

Baby school

Letter A
Easter Sensory Bin

I created the Magformers A, not Tiger.
He just watched as I tried for 13 minutes....and then,
*flips hair*

Someone kept using a chair to reach for the wooden puzzles.
That someone also scribbled on the boxes and had the audacity to announce
"See *insert name* draw" 
I had to move them down before the monkey breaks her neck.
Yes, only Dragon girl would do this to me.
                                      Cry..cannot clean ady.

 Tiger took over my role as teacher.
He kept saying "Mei-mei, look..see, I say look..."
Then, "mama you see this mei-mei, never listen..."

Ignoring the brother, rolling/unrolling mat like there is no tomorrow.

We tried demonstrating one-to-one correspondence. But...

she went off to play with the box of pom-poms with her accomplice.

I find her more cooperative when it is just the 2 of us.


Dot stamping.
I held her hands while doing this.
Then she stamped all over the paper :)

 Tiger wanted to do some Letter A work, so we did paper tearing and glue

Tiger helped in preparing the Easter bin.
We put treasure into the plastic eggs.
Stickers and alphabet slime!


 Her face when thunder roared.
She sat in my lap and hugged me real tight until the storm was over.
I just rocked her saying, "It's okay baby. Mama's here"

Found this picture of Dragon girl in the archive after her
Other Mother aka kakak/help complained that I didn't make a
newborn to 1 year picture frame for her.

I have to admit my mother was right. She was a darn ugly baby
but my then hormonal brain was deluded into thinking she was soooo beautiful.

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