Monday, 14 April 2014

Playing creatively with a toddler

I like to think that I am pretty creative when it comes to playing.
I may not be able to built a mini Lamborghini. But I will always succeed in
getting giggles and laughter from my kids.
Teaching them is such a wonderful learning process for me.

I know I have not posted a lot of our study time pics lately.
Blame the girl.
She doesn't like the camera in her face.

On with creativity.... this is one of her fav tot tray.
Just an old raisin can (from Tiger's tot days) and some poker chips
We'd done this for an entire month previously.

By now, it was obvious that she is right-handed.
I made it more tricky by rendering it useless.
Use your left hand, baby!
A lil struggle but nothing beyond her capabilities.

I placed some chips between her toes.
I thought it was funny but she frowned at me.
Not too impressed, I guess.

I stacked them up to see if she noticed.
Yup, she was more careful in picking them up.

To increase the task difficulty, I changed the direction of the slit
repeatedly so that she had to adjust her hand position each time

I am sure you can think of more ways but always add a new twist 
to keep things fresh.

 This is Tiger's Playdoh Station, where I set up some
knick knacks for him to explore and create.
This is inspired by Reggio.
Note 'inspired'. The thought of bringing wood and rocks indoors.
They can play with those in the outdoor class, not here. 
I have a lot of confidence in my kids
But I just remind her from time to time that these are not for eating.
I think because I do not deprive them of junk,  there is no need to eat the pony beads.
They get their sugar fix now and then.
Non-organic, sugar-loaded stuff.
My mantra in life is you only live once.
Eat, play and live in moderation.
If anyone dies tomorrow, it would be a shame to think
he/she didn't have that cheeseburger/gummy worm.

So, if you tell me your kid is on an organic, vegan diet, wearing hemp
and only play with natural wood...
you have my respect but we won't get along.
I do buy organic but just the dirty dozen vegetables.
Cannot afford to buy organic apples

Anyhoo, back to the knick-knack setup, she picked her ingredients
and set up this tray for pouring.


The cartoon
Picture again??!!??....No! Hmmphh...I close my eyes

OK la...I pose for you...Faster a bit

What about this look? Cute or not??

 Every parent his/her kid is the best, smartest & cutest.
I am no different.
She has us all smitten, esp hubs.

You do not need fancy equipments to be creative.
Boxes, old cans, bottle caps, knock knacks are excellent.
 Think open ended play.
Think of ways to extend play.
Think about combining different methods.
Think of textures, smells and sensation.
Google creative play space and like Let the Children Play on Facebook
You will be inspired.

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Sylvia Phillips said...

She is so adorable I could just eat her up! Where did the time go? It seems like she was just born yesterday!

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