Monday, 16 February 2015

Chinese New Year Trays 2015

Happy Chinese New Year 2015!
It has been a crazy busy February for us thus far.
It's all spring cleaning, purging, painting, shopping and decorating for the past few weeks.

For some reason, hubs is totally into CNY this year.
He bought cookies, helped in cleaning and wasn't whining when shopping.
I can only think of one word to describe his change.
We repainted our living room and changed the furniture based on this colour scheme. 
Bye bye, my purple room.
Image from google

I took some time to prepare some CNY-inspired trays for the kids.
They were not used as frequently as I would have liked because we were just busy!

He was immediately drawn to the angpow tray.
He insisted they were called ham pao (crybaby) instead of angpow. Hehe.
His work was to insert RM10 per angpow for mama.


We prepared my parents angpows as well with this gorgeous packets from H&M.
I added some deco and he was like, "Can i add this ball?"
"Err, baby, that's Christmas."
When I was preparing this tray,  I was thinking about Chinese Sheep Character.
And Chinese Sheep Character can be sheep or goat.
He wasn't very pleased when I gave him my explanation.
"Mama, everyone says 'Have a very goat year'. Why you put sheep?"

Forming letters using Froebel set 8.

 A little butterfly painting to welcome spring.

We spruced up the Froebel/Gabe gift area for free play.

February is a month of celebrations for us.
Birthdays, CNY, Valentines....

This Valentine has been really special because my dear hubs finally decided to send me flowers!
When we were dating, he used to send flowers and bears to the hospital while I was at work
for no reason at all. This is my first roses after almost five years hiatus. Haha.
I immediately texted him to say he really made my day.

For hub's birthday, I bought him a Baskin Robbins cake.
I must admit that I totally forgot his birthday.
A first.
I felt soooo bad. 
So, I paid for all my personal CNY expenses this year as punishment :p
 Oh, see the cake, Tiger picked it.
A pig, it seems...haha!
And he was helping to snap pictures with his very high-tech camera.

I hope this will be kind to everyone.
May you and your family be blessed with health, wealth and love.
Happy Chinese New Year!

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