Thursday, 6 June 2013

Right Brain: How We Organize & Play {At 3 Years Old}

Just so you know, my paper trail is a mile long.
There is my own work, hubby's work, loans, bills, cards....
the worse of the lot? Tiger's right brain thingamajigs

See the fugly drawers?
Got them at Tesco for RM 29
The top 2 drawers contain flashcards I have sorted into 10 topics (10 cards each)
So that's 100 cards a day.
The third drawer is to chuck the used sets

The fourth contain materials I intend to use daily for the week.
Namely, the linking memory set, flashcards, crayons, eye exercise
I pull out the entire drawer for convenience.

 Other materials that I use only once a week
 are kept in this hanging file box from POPULAR.
I usually prepare 5 files in advance.

If I take one file and open it, it will contain these:

For the photographic memory, I have ditched the blue folder.
 Too cumbersome.
Currently, I am using two clear folders for the background.
Like this:

This current method is by far the best and fastest.
He is really keen on playing "Ready? Go!" nowadays
That's what we call our home practice :)

When he gets all correct, he will shout, "All correct! I win!"
Sometimes, he will say "I so clever/I so smart"
I usually don't praise unless it was a really tough one.
He usually gets a hi five, that's all.

If he gets it wrong, he will say sadly, "Never mind, I try again"

<<< >>>

It is hard to take pics of him in action because I have to be fast too.
Usually the whole thing is over in less than 10 minutes.

Here's him 'dotting' the mandala

We ended the day with this monster craft.
It was green, yellow, purple & orange --> typical preschool brown
"I wanted brown laaaaa"
*roll eyes*
Yeah right
Btw, if your son produces this kind of art too, please know that it is normal
Boys prefer brown, grey, black colours. Read it somewhere.

 After 2.5 hours of school last night, he still wanted to 'check' my work.

After 5 minutes, he announced,
"Okay la. All correct. I want to sleep already"
 Materials that I don't need yet are stored in nifty Daiso shoe boxes
and expanding files.
Total lifesavers.
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