Thursday, 27 June 2013

Preschool Series June 2013

On our shelves at the moment

I found his little blue box with compartments in the closet 
during a recent deep clean.
Bought it when I was pregnant with Tiger to organize
 his wee little mittens and socks.
I think people use it to store underwears or ties....not sure.

It was begging for some attention, so I put it to good use...
to display his markers, colour pencils, crayons, paint, etc.
Bigger items like palette, sponges, rollers are still in the drawer.
He likes the little whiteboard that says 'Draw'
At the moment, we are loving the little containers of Crayola paint on the far right.
Most of the materials are bought during sale. Don't pengsan, okay?

I had to stash them in the study or outdoors because.....

Invitation to Read.
We display his books, Dolch words, alphabet stamps, magnetic letters, etc here

His 'work' for the week:
Not sure you can call it work but I like to use the word 'study'

On top:  PlayDoh Ice Cream Store   =.="
Subitizing with Smarties
Math beads

Sushi Restaurant & Tea Making/pouring
Left vs Right
Making Chicka Chicka Boom Boom props

I can betcha that his fav will be the Smarties tray.


Got the little gumball machine froma sweet kiosk.


Used this 2 piece puzzle for linking memory as well

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