Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Preschool: Our Current Curriculum {3 years old}

He can read simple words, probably a few hundreds to a thousand.
I am not sure. Didn't count.

He understands the concept of numeral and quantity
He understands simple additions.
He loves to play with money 

He is highly curious and ask why, what or who all the time
Why is the sun missing?
Where is the moon?
Why is the sky blue?

He loves matching/puzzles/memory games

 Please note that:
He is not a roll in the dirt kind of kid.
He thrives on structure and organization.
He likes worksheets
He is highly sensitive 
He is not autistic.
He is not a genius or smart.
He just want to spend time in his study to 'study' and hang out with me.
Okay la, he practically begs/whines/bully me to study

Therefore, our focus right now is 

1. Reading/ Phonics
2. Math/Subitizing
3. Right Brain Practice
4. Pretend play or Art
5. Montessori-ish activities
6. Science & Messy Play will be done outdoors 
whenever I find the time
* Music and Chinese will be done in paid classes.

He is the boss, as usual.
Lessons are usually an hour or more.
The rest of the time he is being a normal kid who jumps off the couch,
breaking stuff and whacking his sister.

 Reading & Math 

The shelves shown are a little messy :)
The top shelves are for storage of wooden puzzles and Tiger's right brain materials.
The mid levels are his Reading and Math display.

We are covering blends, currently /ck/

1. Peter and Jane 2a
2. Usually picture books with extra activities on one special book.
Currently,  we are doing The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
We did some graphing and learned about the life cycle.

No writing. 
Instead, we use alphabet stamps.

Love this rhyming puzzle from ELC
I use it to reinforce left and right as well

Subitizing: Numbers 1-6 using printables like this
He is giving me ugly face when I said. "Wait. I take photo first"

Simple worksheets


I encourage him to use different mediums with the worksheets.
No handwriting practice. Yuck!
We are strengthening his grip with fine motor activities 
such as Montessori-ish work and cutting

Obsessed still with these

  Right Brain

Linking Memory. His IT activity at the moment

Took this pic to thank my sister for loaning us this from Shichida

Pretend play
I know, I know.
I added a grocery store
"I want to sell ice cream when I grow up"

Everything else is chucked here!

Messy Art/Play
I love this kind of stuff because it pushes him out of his comfort zone

Papa is teaching him golf.
Failing miserably at the moment.

Our goal by the time he turns 4 is:

1. An independent reader
2. A gentle, loving brother to Dragon
3. More self-reliant
4. Linking 150 cards at least
4. Helping in house chores

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