Friday, 5 July 2013

Preschool: Teaching Chinese

Yup. Me. Teaching Chinese.
Ha ha...

Must try laaa.

Send to enrichment class. Checked
Chinese stories books. Checked
Chinese app (Pleco) for banana mom. Checked
Graded learning box (er san kuai du). Checked

After we did Lesson 1 of Er San Kuai Du
I wanted to do more Chinese BUT he wanted to do math.

Stickers to the rescue!
I gave a sheet of art paper with numbers written on the side.
He was to find the words and then stick the correct number of dots

He was more environmental friendly than I was.
"NOOOO, you count from top. See two dots?"
Oh, correct also >.<

Then, I wrote numbers in Chinese *evil grin*

I know my writing is worse than Primary students
Forgot how to write five. Had to check the book 
Wrote eight wrongly also   =.="

My drawing skills is on par with my Chinese
Luckily my child is willing to overlook all those shortcomings.
I think my handwriting is confusing him between man (ren), eight (ba) and head (tou)

He wanted to play with Scout and build his own words.
We used his Word families book with this toy.
Buy it! 
Little Dragon yelled for a good 30 minutes from bottom of the stairs
 before I carried her up to the study.
Can't imagine what her therapist will say in the future....
She gets the phonic sound Scout.
Also an excellent investment. Buy it too!

She messed around usual but did not get hit by Tiger for once.
Tiger was probably tired.
We schooled for 3 hours straight and didn't even notice.
I blame the alphabet stickers 

She is so cute, aite?
Sorry, I can't help myself....hihi.

Do suggest some good Chinese resources to me if you have some. 
Till then, visit Tamarind for good Chinese books and ideas
Our Chinese is crappy, so I need to start from toddler stage

If your chinese is very good, you can skip er san kuai du and go straight to
shi wu kuai du as suggested by many blogger moms

You can purchase either one from:

Gift2kids on Facebook to pre order locally

or to purchase straight from China

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