Friday, 19 July 2013

Baby School: First Attempt

To make life easier for me 

Baby School = Dragon 
Preschool (now) & Tot School (then) = Tiger
Okay, guys?

So, Baby School...
Please bear in mind that she has free play all day long.
She is a very physical baby who thinks she is Spiderman. 

But because she has been screaming to join Tiger for a few months now, 
we have decided to let her try 'school' for about 30 minutes every night.

I don't think she will enjoy the detailed work I did for Tiger when he was a Tot.
They have very different personalities.
For Dragon, our approach will be more playful and activity-based

    With that in mind, I prepared these.
Stacking cups with foam shape (from Enfagrow)
Shapes & Sticks (for beginner's threading)
Little Poeple and circle fraction's board (one-to-one correspondence)

Large buttons & 2 bowls (transferring)
Blue can (ciggarette butt holder from DAiso) and pipe cleaners
The poker chips and can


After clearing off Tiger's material to make space for her,
she took one look and walked away...


Tiger would never have done that to me.


She likes the Do-A-Dot markers. 
Every time she comes into the room, she walks straight towards them.
Oh, what the heck?
Let's paint and make a mess


See the shell-shocked face?
She held on to the marker for dear life and
refused to play with the Crayola stampers 
(which by the way is the closest to Do-A-Dots as you can get
Or you can search for bingo markers on

 I removed all the gadgets and poured some paint onto the tray.

A funny pic just for you...

 It was a spur of moment activity, so,
 I used this instead of good'ol homemade paint.

After weeding, washing the water feature, trimming the plants,
picking up Tiger's sand play, washing off the bubble mix,
wash myself, eat dinner, teach Tiger.....

then painting with them (all after full day's work),
gimme a break laaa.

Next time, I will try to make pudding/yoghurt/whatever paint.
The Crayola paint makes her hand smell yucky, even with washing.
Should have used finger paint.

Important Note:
Please don't do this if you child is still mouthing.
Lil Dragon stops at "No!" and is no longer mouthing everything in sight.

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