Monday, 15 July 2013

Lil Dragon: She's One!

Happy Happy Birthday, my sweet girl.

For the moment you came into my life, everything has changed...

I have a Pfannenstial scar.
Everything is CUTE, even farts

Your papa and I have not slept on the same bed.
I put him to sleep and crawl back to you because you smell heavenly 
and  he, not so much.....

Mama have not slept through the night for 362 days.
(Other 3 nights, you were with kakak who loves you dearly)


Thank you for allowing me to feel the beauty of breastfeeding.
Thank you for making papa love us even more.
Thank you for teaching your big brother how to share.
Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into our lives
just by being the feisty little munchkin that your are.

As tradition calls for a new pair of shoe, I obliged
Sigh...not appreciative at all...
Cried and cried to remove the shoes.
Sequins, pink and a dash of gaya-ness from Stride Rite

At one,
she is walking like a gangster,
climbing door safety grills,
She loves going out.
Joins other children when they are running around.
She points.
Holds her own milk bottle and sippy cup
She says mama, papa, Tiger's name, nen nen,
Oh, she has chipped her front tooth already @.@

Honk honk!
You will be seeing much more of me, guys
Just wait!
PS: When I see your face like this, I soooooo geram, you know?

Happy Birthday, dear!
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