Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tot School: Trial class for Lil Dragon

We were playing school last night when sweet girl yelled non-stop from downstairs
After a while, my heart could not take it.

Maybe it's time to try again?
So, trial class it was.

Gave her a CNY decorative box filled with cheap poker chips.
She played with the lid for a while.
Examined the inside and outside quietly.
More inquisitive than Tiger was at one.
Container and chips (RM 9.80) from Fun & Cheer

Thought of the old raisin can with a slit I made long ago for Tiger 
Used to be wrapped nicely with origami paper
After two kids, no need wrapping anymore...hihi
Within 1 minute, Tiger abandoned his flags and joined us.

See the kaypoh chee brother?
No, this....see? I teach you.

Unlike playing with toys, 
they were so focused on the task at hand, they forgot to fight.
I love this pic showing both their little chubby hands

She was having some trouble.
So, I used masking tape to delineate the slit so that she could see the opening better.

Tried changing hands. No luck.

Changed chips.
Played continuously  for 10 minutes
Old can and some chips...

When she was done, she tried to shake out the chips by tipping 
the can over.

Ended the class with some crayon work with Tiger.
She did not want to stop but Tiger announced that it was bedtime

Fingers crossed for more calm Tot school days ahead


San said...

what a cutie, and concentrating so intently, how do you resist from gobbling her up :)

Jessica Tan said...

Thanks San, girls are sooooo achingly cute :)

How's your little one?

linditt said...

Does Lil Dragon draw out of the paper with the crayons? Do you correct her?

Jessica Tan said...

Hi Linditt,

She does. And I don't correct her. She is a little more stubborn compared to Tiger. Even if I did try, it wouldn't have made a difference :)

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