Monday, 8 July 2013

Pretend play: Sushi & Tea Session

Pretend play is very important to me.
I think I spent my childhood doing that and reading.
My siblings and I never had the luxury of props, 
so we used whatever nature had to offer.

I remember burning leaves in a Milo tin,
playing teacher, store, library, camping, doctor, etc
I pray they share my love for play and books.
I always tell Tiger, "You can do anything"

Maybe that's why he is so challenging nowadays;
Can do anything right?
Like insisting to push the stroller despite having zero visibility (shorty)
and trampling on people's toes.
When I try to help, he will shout,
"You stop it, I can do it myself!"
Then people start giving me looks....sigh....gentle parenting sucks!
Toss in some sibling rivalry and you have a brat in the making.

Must I put him on house arrest until he learns social limitations?
 use pretend play to teach social and emotional skills.

We practiced unrolling the mat,
setting up the cooking utensils and hand washing.

Some fine motor work

This was really fun. Chopsticks!

His favourite was probably this.
The pitcher is from a Chinese tea set.
Perfect size too

Scooped some real tea leaf and added plain water.

We took turns being chef, waiter and customer.
Played with money and simple additions.

He is saying Thank you, Please and Sorry more nowadays.
A dash of Grace and courtesy lesson.

So, pretend play rocks, no?

Can't wait for Lil Dragon to join him on their own little adventures :)

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