Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Flop: No doctors please...

After all the excitement of preparing the doctor set pretend play, 
he just said, "No mama, I don't want"

Did not even touch it.


As a consolation, he enjoyed ONE of the books I prepared.
The pop-up body book

I love this picture of Tiger 'reading' to his sister.
He was picking out CVC or Dolch words that he could read,
like what he does with my fictions.
Lil Dragon lost interest in about 5 seconds

 My Body pop up book from Bookxcess in Amcorp Mall, PJ
Fantastic A++++++ book
Why wasn't my medical textbook like this?
See the intestines?
See the skeleton?

Pegged puzzle from his baby days.
He could read most of the words except chin (blend)
Don't remember teaching him except during Tot School's F for Foot.

So, how? 
Remove the doctor's play set or elaborate summore?


Rebecca Sia said...

that's a sign.. pilot in the making :)

Jessica Tan said...

Ya. Must be...hihi. So much more handsome in a pilot's uniform than a doctor in a boring coat/tie.

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