Thursday, 1 September 2011

F is for Foot

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 6 (21- 31st August) @ 14.5 months

Alphabet:F is for Foot
Theme:Human Body & The Five Senses

This 'week' lasted 10 days because we had more fun time than study time. So, to sum up Letter f:

Tot trays:
See on On Tiger's Shelf for F for the full set up.

The most popular award goes to: The smell bottles!!

He also stacked away on this M&D puzzle

The least popular/totally ignored: Peg puzzle for face (?too complicatead)

 So I whipped these up instead. Using mini dino cutouts from dinosaur week, taped to colorful tongue depressors. We used them for color recognition, pretend play and fine motor.

Work sheets:
Pre-writing sheets from here:

Using his new Crayola markers (thanks Aunty Sharon!)

I laminated the labeling worksheets and used velcro instead. Yup, velcro is my new BFF!

Using crayons on "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat
Tiger is using the pointilism method as well..LOL..That's how he usually crayons :)

We did more dot painting using printouts from Jolanthe's Homeschool Creations & these:
I searched high and low in Malaysia for dot paint and finally found them in Think Toys, The Curve.
Brand: Alex. Retail price: RM 49 but I got them at 20% off during sales.
Lovely colors but not very washable. So, suit up!
Alex Toys Dots and Dashes Paint (Set of 6)
Tiger's getting better at this.

We made some for grandpa and grandma to admire. Well, they have to admire coz Mommy put it up on their fridge *evil grin*

We did foot painting too. Will share soon. Otherwise people will fall asleep from this super long post.


Here we are matching the flashcards with the poster on the door:

He didn't make up any new signs this week.
Tiger's favourite signs for this week: 'Open' (Twisting his hands like opening a bottle/jar) and 'angry', slaps his hands together once with angry face). These are not ASL signs, he made them up.

Here he is trying to sign the alphabets

Sometimes, he doesn't sign but shows his displeasure by doing this when I interrupt his work. So, no teaching by holding hands. See why I need Montessori?

Sensory box:
Tiger loves his sensory box. Here he is scooping dinosaur 'eggs'.

The Magic School Bus: Inside The Human Body
More, More, More, Said the Baby
Counting Kisses by Karen Katz
Chinese story & activity book on body parts

Just for fun:
Sharing the ball pit with Prettichubbi. He can share with girls but not boys :)

The Hungry Ghost Festival is over. That means we can play outside again. Yay!
Note to self: Must get water table soon

Here's a sneak peek at G is for goat and my DIY barn:

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