Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Letter: For The Love of Learning

Letter To Tiger Thursday

Dear Tiger,

You look like Daddy from head to toe. *Sob sob* It's ok because I like to think that inside, you are like me. The good and the bad, you have inherited my mild obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and bad temper.

Last night, you showed me your love of learning again. You were sleepy after going out but still wanted to 'study'. I relented as usual and this happened when you were tired but stubborn:

You tore a page out of your favourite hardcover nursery rhymes book
I was shocked but I didn't spank your little bum bum because you signed 'uh-oh' and 'sorry' which was too cute. 
I made you sayang sayang the book. Then you kissed the book..hehe
We did speed play (flashing about 2 cards per second), and then you insisted we do this instead.
You arranged the cards all around you

'Insert' Tiger in the middle of the picture
We did some tot trays and  then you wanted to do Montessori which I didn't plan. You wanted to unroll the mat!!

Here you were a little upset because i rolled up the mat again for you to practice

You were really angry when I turned up the edges to disturb you :p

You roared at Mommy!!

Giving me the smug look when you were done


Sitting cross legged! Hmmm, my Little Tiger is growing up too fast...

Slow down baby..Mommy need to catch up...

Love you lots,


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