Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Letter: Love, Grandma..

Letter To Tiger Thursday

Dear Tiger,

I am a TV addict, or rather, I was one before you came into my life. Nowadays, I barely have time to sit down and chill out, let alone watch TV. I am not complaining, infact, I am grateful for the change you brought into my life.

The line from Jerry Macguire, "You complete me". Well, that pretty much sums up our relationship.

Sometimes, when I watch you sleep, I will sing Aerosmith's " I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing".  Yeah, we rock in this house.

If there is anyone else who can love you more than I do, it would be Grandma.

Mommy's working most of the time, so you spend most of time with Grandma. She is the one who sleeps with you, make porridge, feed you, bathe you, and shower you with lots of love. Whenever you bite, hit, slap and pinch, grandma never gets upset. Well, unless you kick her prayers stuff. Even then, she just pretends to be angry.

I am telling you these because I want you to know that no matter what happens in the future, even if you end up hating me (I know you won't), you MUST always respect and love your grandma. To be a filial son is part of our Chinese root. I hope you grow up to be a fine young man who loves his family. Who else is going to wipe my bum bum when I am old and bedridden?

 Giving Grandma A Kiss

Lots of love,


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