Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tot School: Two Monkeys, One Mama

If  someone ask me to describe schooling the two together in one word: 
My answer would be:


Lil Dragon is an experimenter. 
She is highly curious, fearless,messy with a cat's attention span;
your typical 9 month old. 
Every object in her path will be examined with care, smelled 
and tasted.

Compared to Tiger who is
careful, neat, clean freak, serious.


Lesson 1: Fight!
Tiger will be shouting, "No ah. Go away"
Lil Dragon will try her best to get a piece of whatever her brother is doing.
See his face?
Fed up!

We are still stuck in Ice Cream Shop phase.
It has been almost 3 weeks now.
I am pretty sick of it but he...tsk tsk....same enthusiasm every night.
I have no choice but to build upon it.

I added:
A Toppings Bar which was inspired by his love for Tutti Frutti.

Upgraded his menu (Please tilt head to right to view :p)
 We used some fruit stickers for the ice cream menu.
(I had to since the first one looked like crap when i free handed)
We played so much that he already memorized the pricing.
Grape, please.
5 Ringgit

2 Ringgit
Picture taken with my S3 phone. No idea why it wouldn't upload correctly.

We had to keep Dragon away from this choking hazard minefield
since Tiger was adamant to continue selling me ice creams.
He takes his job very seriously.

Toppings are upon request only.
I ordered 2 cylinders, 3 cubes and 2 pyramids.
(Sneakily teaching him 3D shapes...Pat own shoulder)

Lil Dragon?
Her role was to lure customers with her charming grin
and make a ruckus with the handbell.
She loved her job for about 5 minutes.
Tried an ice tray and colored cubes 

I quickly grabbed a box set.


At the end of the day, guess who is EXHAUSTED?
Ice cream boy on another day.
He loves sorting the pom-poms this way.
And strictly no mixing flavours!

Another one of his creation for mama ^.^

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