Friday, 5 April 2013

Married life: Hairband

This is a new series. About Hubs and I.

Mostly, for Tiger and Dragon to see us as young people.
Because 20 years down the line,
 they probably cannot imagine Mama was young once.

Heck, I doubt I can remember.

Also, I think Hubs is damn funny (sometimes)
I shall omit all the bad stuff because no one needs to remember those.

His current hairstyle makes me laugh on a daily basis.
It is basically long on top and shaved really short at the sides.
 So, when it is not styled after shower,
it's pretty much like Aaron Kwok's hair from the 90's. 

Guys, this is the love of my life, making a fashion statement.
His hair was bugging him so much, he asked for a hairband.  

I grinned and gave him the girliest one.

 The next day, he gave me the look and warned, "Don't post on Facebook"

But he didn't mention the blog. 


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