Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lil Dragon: 9 months

Miss Dragon is 9 months old. If I can describe her in one word, it would be "manja"

She is still as precious as ever. Definitely worth every freckle I have gotten in exchange for her. And the cactus like hairstyle I am currently displaying. And the extra truncal fat. And the bigger feet. And sagging boobs...Okay, I think that's enough before I decide to change my mind.

Definitely not one to lose a battle, she has started swatting her poor brother. Hehe, just as I have predicted, miss feisty here will be winning most battles from henceforth.

She is practicing her standing position by getting up from a squatting position and holding the stance for 2 seconds before landing on her butt. Now, smarty pants will do this on the bed to minimize butt injury. Especially when Papa's big belly is around for you know, cushioning.

Her favourite toys this month includes Vtech Train, Tiger's Ybike (which pisses him off majorly), any cloth/blanket she can use as a peekaboo prop.
She smiles readily but is rather miserly with her laugh which resembles a coughing old lady.

Her diet is mostly porridge but she is such adventurous eater, she demands for rice, vegetable, etc. And we have no choice but to give it to her or risk a foot or hand in our plates.

She is still very much a night feeder. If I am two seconds late in popping a boob into her mouth, she will launch into a cute eye-closed, hand-flapping, sitting up baby tantrum.

Makes me go "Ooooaahhhh" and all gooey, misty eyed.  This "my kid is the cutest baby in the world" syndrome happens to every mother. We are total dopes, I tell you.

She hasn't stop teething since months and that makes her a little fussy with her milk choices. And by fussy I mean she is wasting A LOT of formula milk. That makes me want to lecture her about food and wasting and starving kids. Just wait. The moment she no longer has the goofy two-teeth grin, she is going to get it.

She has labelled us.

Tiger: "EH"
Mama: "AH"
Papa: Papapa......Ermmm....whatever la. She still likes me more


hi (it's the same as bye but we all know its different, so..........)
claps hands

God, thank you for bringing this sweet being. I know she is perfect and all and I will do my best as a mother but if I can ask for one thing. Just one tiny thing. Please can you give her nicer hair? Pretty please.

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