Monday, 1 April 2013

Science: Lesson 1 & 2

Tiger has NERD written all over his genome.

Lucky for him, his mom is cool.

That's a big fat lie but 
he doesn't have to know for at least another 10 years, right?

<<< >>>

The Basic 101 of all toddlers/preschool science is probably the 
vinegar & baking soda experiment.
So we started with that.

Lesson 1: Acid/Base Reaction

Mistake number one: Not using a bottle.
The mixture fizzled out within seconds in a small bowl
I was like:

Do you know why there is a reac....?
Fizzled out

When you mix acid and ba.....
Fizzled out

He was too ecstatic to be bothered with explanations.
Mad scientist gone wild!
"More, more, more" said the baby/Tiger.
Errr, we ran out of vinegar.

We added gold dust and yellow food coloring, just for fun.

Just so he was actually experimenting, we tried using water with sand, grass.

My Conclusion: Acetic acid and sodium hydrogen bicarbonate combine to form water, 
carbon dioxide (which causes bubbling) and sodium acetate.

His conclusion: Mama, you need to go to the shop, NOW. 
I need me some magic smelly water.

In order to distract him,  I promised some smelly water soon 
and we proceeded to some plant study.

PS: I already got some and we are going to do this soon

Lesson 2: Parts of A Plant

We bought Science Encyclopedia by DK to complement our lessons
He loves flipping through the book
and matching the felt planets to the Galaxy page.
He also deduced that bacteria = 'ta pian'

He was genuinely interested.

Luckily, my horrendous garden provided all sort of plants.
Ferns, moss, weeds....

Then, we studied parts of a plant: Roots, stem, leaf, flower.
Had to remind him to be gentle to the plants repeatedly.

You really learn a lot when you have kids..
Science used to be boring lessons conducted by boring people in dusty labs.

According to DK Science Encyclopedia, science is a 
way of understanding the world around us.
(Cue: Ooohhhh, and nod heads)

You also learn about 75 uses for baking soda

Oh, and you really don't need a kindy to do all this, you know?

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