Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Montessori: Musical Bells

Montessori bells are off the charts expensive and
honestly, I cannot afford them.

I bought a set of these sometime ago from a kindy teacher and they sounded great.
You can get similar ones here
Instead of matching to another set of bells, I use the keyboard and tuning fork for matching.

What DID we do all day spray painted hers
I have no intention of doing that.
Nah ah. I love the colours.
They also correspond to this:

I was also so tempted to get a set similar to this from ELC
but my conscience said NO!
Btw, my conscience has my husband's voice.

Instead I bought some song cards with colored notations.
They came with corresponding stickers that I put on the keyboard.

In order to play a song, we lay the bells down and used the clapper.

Oh, he also uses it for his 'Ice cream shop'

Lil Dragon loves the bells too and when the two of them 'share',
I end up with migraine.

What else do you do with musical bells?

I bought a ton of this shoe boxes from Daiso.
Perfect for storing toys and such.

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