Friday, 26 April 2013

Math: More or Less?

I was stalking Homeschool Creations and I saw this Science Kit in her curriculum for her son's kindergarten syllabus.

When you look through the content of the kit, most of stuff is available in your very own home.

Except maybe this:

The chances of you owning a balance scale when your child was 1 is an indication of:
1. You have a buying problem, like me, OR;
2. You are a KIASU, kinda like me, OR;
3. It was on SALES. Which is the correct answer in this case :)

Ours is the Junior Balance Scale from USL education and it was about RM 50 when I bought it. Original price (RM79.90) with some counting bears. Quality is 2 out of 5 because the material is the breakable type of plastic.

We used it in our Ice Cream Shop to measure MORE for him and LESS for me. 
Toddlers *roll eyes*.....their selflessness is astounding.

Three weeks of Ice Cream Pretend Play has driven me bonkers. Every single day. And night. When I am showering. On the toilet. Eating. Blow drying my hair,....You get it? Really, this boy is seriously OCD.

In order to entice him into doing something else other than making ice cream , I suggested water play. Nothing, I mean NOTHING trumps water. If you can't think of anything to do, just add water :)

I quickly gathered some containers and filled them up with water.
I love how spontaneous I can be at times
Hubs would beg to differ ;p
Some coloring would be fun but since we were indoors
AND maid less, plain old H2O will do.

Love the fact that he supports the watering can with the other hand (below)
Compared which container had more water
Watering can from store next to Ekids in Ikano Rm 4.90

Milk bottles from baby hampers that I saved
I love the using these because the volume is marked.

A sauce/oil bottle from the sundry shop.
See the lazy left hand?

Practising pouring.
"Can I have 30 mls please?"
"How about 4 ounces?"

He always reply "Okay lar"

 Do you some math-tastic idea to share?

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Discovering Montessori said...

Love it!

Thank you for sharing.

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