Wednesday, 28 March 2012

DIY: Felt Planets

We have not been schooling since I came back from the annual honeymoon trip with Hubs. A lot of messy play outdoors after Mommy's work day but no theme work as yet.

I was thinking about what to do next and decided to follow Tiger's interest. His favourite song for the past two weeks is still The Solar System Song. (Warning: This is a super sleep-inducing song. I have no idea why he loves it so). So, we are doing S for Star and Space Theme next which explains the manic Space ideas pinning. One of my favourite idea was the hand sewn felt planets from Counting Coconuts.

Now, I love it when Tiger learns from singing and he enjoys himself even more so with props. So, the not-so-crafty-mama had to do this even if it destroys a few finger tips. ^.^

Our DIY Felt Planets
Not the prettiest but it's the thought that counts, right?
Jupiter (lower row, left) looks like a jelly donut

I was sewing frantically so that he could have it before bedtime. Guess what, he threw the tiny Mercury at Daddy in the bathroom  =.="

Whose kid is this?

Maybe I have to present the planets in a better manner, like a Space Sensory Bin?  ^.^

If you are interested in making your own Solar System, here's what you will need:

Felt pieces: From Daiso

I used mostly different fillers for most planets:
Styrofoam balls (Daiso)
makeup sponges
art sponges
plastic bags (for crinkly effect ala Lamaze toys)
bells (Sun only)
cotton balls
wooden beads

*I used his stacking cups to roughly estimate the sizes.

Update: Tiger can name the planets simply because he loves the song and the felt planets soooo much! Who said you have to be Mensa-smart to do that?

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