Friday, 2 March 2012

Organizing: Weekly Craft Baskets

I am one of those people who plan and plan in my head but when the time comes, I will forget, oops. (Partially due to my hormonal state).

There will be more posts like this because I go into OCD overdrive during my pregnancy. I nested from second trimester till the end when I was carrying Tiger. 

So, I came up with craft baskets during owl/bird week and they worked like a charm.
I had these IKEA round baskets lying around and I thought why not?

Here they are:
I placed everything that I would use for that particular craft into each basket.
Basket 1 was Bird Feeder
Basket 2 contained the McD cartons
Basket 3 is a simple feather and glue activity.

 Here's a sample of the content from Basket 2:
Left to right:
Small drawer with knick-knacks: glue, googly eyes, yellow construction paper.
Two bottles of paint. (pink for Mommy)
Sponge brushes. (Tiger loves these)
McD drink carton cut into halves

I must say this is one of my favourite idea thus far. I love it.
Time saving and oh-so-convenient.

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