Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pretend Play: Fun With Miniature Dinosaurs

Tiger is afraid of bugs but he LOVES his dinosaurs.

If there is one thing you can buy for little boys, I highly recommend these. He has wild animals, farm animals, sea creatures but these dinos are his everyday playdates.

Here are some of his favourite activities:

Dancing to the Dinosaur Song.
This is one his all time favourite songs.

Stomping with the brachiosauras
'Chew' like the trachadon

Arranging his friends on the tray

Spa time with shaving cream

Painting them with blue food colouring mixed in the shaving cream

 Bathing them after the 'spa'

Playing teacher

Tiger's first sensory bin:
Dinosaur bin

We have also painted with them, held mock fights, conversations, etc

Endless possibilities, really

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