Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shopping: Mothercare Grandprix Sales

I love Mothercare.
Their clothings are adorable and durable.
Best part is, they carry Melissa and Doug products!!

During sales, most clothings and ELC (early learning centre) are 40% off
M&Ds are 20% off
Members get an extra 10% on the first three days.

The result:

For Tiger:
1. M&D Sort and Snap. (RM 64)
2. M&D Jumbo Cardboard Blocks (RM 129)
3. ELC Lite-up Globe (RM 100)
4. Two shirts (40% off)  
5. Wooden dough design set (40%)
6. Splash mat (50% off)
7. Textured painters (40%)
8. Kumon stick and paste book
9. Liverpool underwear (to wear as shorts!) Daddy say must buy! ^.^

 For mei-mei aka Little Dragon:
Pink madness!

Tiger's fav:
The globe!
It isn't so glaring in real life.
Just nicely lit with cute animals and landmarks.

 "China, Mommy!"
The only country he can identify ;p

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and love to Mr Hubby...*snicker* .....for putting up with my insane need to relive my childhood/spoil my child.


the2Balqis said...

oh wow! you started shopping for lil missy dragon already!:) Must be lots of fun!

Jessica said...

He he, yalor. Time sales must sapu kao kao! I cannot tahan lar, all the girly, pink things just drive me mad!!!!! When I was preggy with Tiger pun I kept thinking of buying girls stuff ;P
Luckily, my sis gave me some hand me downs, can save some money.

Mr Hollister said...

a nice blog
keep posting
i'll read it
thank you

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