Monday, 5 March 2012

Tot School: O is for Owl/ Bird Week

Tiger's 20.5 months

We did Bird Theme for 2 whole weeks.

By the end of 2nd week, Tiger was saying "NO!" to all the trays.

Tot Trays:
Our Owl/birds tot trays setup here

Dough/free play tray
He loved this tray.
I modelled rolling and shaping the dough into little balls.
Here he was attempting to do the same.

He was very much into worksheets as well.
So much so, he kept requesting for more!
He really enjoys painting, dotting, scribbling and making a mess!

M&D See & Spell:
He loved this, as usual.
Practiced his phonics, fine motor and independent work.

Mini meltdown:
He he, my bad....
I gave him a 'n' instead of an 'u' for DUCK and it didn't fit!
Bwahahaha....  :p

Sticker/art activity:
A blast!
There is no failing when you give a toddler stickers  ^.^
Oh, when I buy the cheapo stickers (like this one), I just sit back and relax.
These, he can unpeel and stick by himself.

He only played with this once after I demonstrated.
Too advanced for him.
Told me to put it back on the shelf!

An unexpected visitor:
*Mr Spider* on our whiteboard!
Tiger still calls all bugs "kah kah" (It's a chinese thing)
I drew a water spout and we sang 'Incy Wincy Spider' too many times
He requests for the same song whenever it rains.

Sensory Bin:
He did a lot scooping and some pouring this week

Crafty goodness:
We made a bird by recycling McD's drinks carton

Bird watching

Reading with puppets

Glue and Paste:
Tiger's art.
Can't tell if it is an owl anymore!

Free art activity
Toilet paper tube printing

Painting with different knobbed brushes

Phonics play:
Matching with lowercase sticky alphabets

Teaching by Tiger:
reciting numbers to his pals

We are skipping letters P, Q, R and jumping to Letter T for train/transportation next week.

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