Monday, 26 March 2012

Shopping: IKEA sale

I generally don't buy a lot from IKEA but 'a lot' is hubby would beg to differ.

We I decided it was time to redo part of the living area dedicated to Tiger, much to Daddy's displeasure. He has a thing about keeping things simple. Unfortunately for him, I always win. It is only logical for Tiger to have more space since he spends practically 24 hours at home. Insert *evil laugh*

For this area, I decided to get the eight compartment EXHIBIT shelf, a new carpet and a blue MAMMUT table. We already have some chairs which are available in ToyRus for RM39.90 each but they are cheaper in a lot of other places.

Mommy's Lil handyman
He wanted 'real' tools instead of his wooden toy tool set   =.="

Tadaa! This was the result of the last excursion to IKEA with my also pregnant sister, Ashleyprettimommy.  We were very competitive as kids being so similiar in nature. Being pregnant and mothers brought us so much closer together. Dear sis, if you are reading this, you still owe me a meal.
When Tiger saw the carpet, he shouted, "Car, car" and ran to his playroom to get the train box. He was playing by himself while I was fixing the table. Then he thought it was funny to drop the cars into the legs. Currently, there is still an ambulance trapped in one of the legs =)

I have since added two mini bean bags from Hommy for Tiger and Grandma to chill out together. *Must remember to take a pic*

All this was completed on the night before the Hong Kong trip. Mommy gulit, I guess.

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