Thursday, 8 March 2012

Health: Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

Poor Tiger's caught the Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD).

I am having some oral ulcers too but none of the other symptoms. I have been exposed to HFMD constantly in the infectious unit for years which makes it quite unlikely that I may have it.  Although, being pregnant does make my immune system a total wuss.

Given the incubation period 3-5 days, he must have caught it in:

1. Mothercare, Bangsar Shoping Village
2. Toys R Us, KLCC
3. Tweedlewink
4. Mommy

Since Prettichubbi's alright, we can rule out Bangsar. Both his Tweedlewink classmate are also fine.  That means KLCC or Mommy!

Just as his previous two influenza and one roseola infections, he is handling his current ordeal pretty well.
His mouth was probably ulcerated since Wednesday morning as he kept poking it with his fingers and refusing solid food. Then, he developed high-grade fever on Wednesday afternoon but still well enough to play with his ipad =.="

The rashes broke out that night itself, mostly on his feet and palms. By Thursday, the rash had spread to his knees and elbows with several vesicles. Today, the rash is drying up and he is pretty much fever free.

Luckily for me, he is still taking his milk despite the pain. He actually refused Haagen Daaz!
He is still a little monkey, jumping all over and asking for 'school' all the time. So, I have no worries about him developing any life threatening complications such as myocarditis, meningitis, encephalitis or dehyration.

Since HFMD is a viral infection, I just forced him to take lots of fluids and adequate amount of ibuprofen when the fever is >38 C. A little fever is good until it turns your child into a tantrum/whiny monster. Another 5 days till the storm blows over.....

Hopefully, my Little Dragon is alright too but being in mid pregnancy, it is quite unlikely for any malformations/miscarriage. It is also not contagious to Little Dragon as I am not about to push her out anytime soon.

Another bump in the journey of motherhood.

On Day 2 of illness.

Links on HFMD:
I linked the Malaysian guidelines first because outbreaks are commoner in South East Asian countries. Sarawak is famous for the 1997 outbreak.

HFMD Clinical Practice Guideline (MOH)

HFMD Guidelines (Sarawak Health Department): more parent friendly


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