Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Valentine's 2014

At the stroke of midnight, Valentine's this year, 
hubs and I were on the way home from work.
I looked over lovingly and said,
"Happy Valentine's Day, bay-beh"
With extra gatal voice laaa

He replied, "Ummm..."


Note to self: Must make sure that my son is not kayu like hubby

So, I trained him to make hearts
We cut out some hearts on manila cards and used glue make some pattern
We then sprinkled salt on the glue pattern and let them air dry overnight.
I also prepared some water colour in little dropper bottle.

 Great for strengthening those little hand muscles

Love the brilliant colours!
We used Crayola finger paints, mixed with water

I asked for a handsome smile!

We presented our hearts to Dragon girl.

Tiger warned her, "See only, cannot touch"

Dragon girl frowned, as if thinking can eat or not.

Tiger, reading her mind, replied, "Cannot eat also"

SO, cannot eat + cannot touch = useless
She walked away.

Here is the rambunctious 17 month-old. 
She really makes me so happy.
Best Valentine's gift ever!

Happy belated Valentine's to you guys too :)

Monday, 10 February 2014

Homemade Light Box for Kids

I've always wanted one but it would be cray cray to spend RM 500 on a box with light.

The story that inspired our cheapo box:

The other day, the kids were very disappointed when their fav Cloud B turtle wouldn't light up.
"Mama, turtle died?" asked the firstborn.

Err, yeah. It happens when you are too lazy to remove old batteries from toys.

Autopsy: The battery compartment was slightly rusty looking.
Cause of death: Battery leakage

I was going to chuck him into the soft toys bin when I recalled how much Turtle cost.

Exactly RM 150..... OMG, I have to save him!

So, I cleaned the compartment using a couple of cotton buds dipped in apple cider vinegar (undiluted)
and voila! Good as new.

You can call me Doc Mcstuffin now, I told Tiger.

I know, I know, I felt like such a genius. I was walking around the whole day, feeling smug, until hubs reminded me about some drum I threw away for the same reason. Jealous!

Anyways, the kids were thrilled to have him back and a cue for mama to extend their love for light play.

The BOX:

I got some white fairy lights from Fun&Cheer for RM 19.80. Hubs paid for them since I conveniently forgot my wallet (as usual). 

For the box, I reused my trusty IKEA Antonius (If there is one thing you must have, it is a good large container). The box itself is opaque in general and the lid is slightly frosted.


 Just dump all the fairy lights inside, plug in and play! 
I taped 2 pieces of A4 sheets to the lid to diffuse the light.

It was late when we started, so I just grabbed the Magformers box.

Magformers are these open-ended shapes with magnets.
You can create all kinds of cool stuff with 'em

He could differentiate pentagon from hexagon.
So, I asked him hexagon has how many sides?
So, I showed him that six triangle can form a hexagon.
How many sides again?
Yay! Math lesson in disguise

Playing with a free gift.

Teaching mama something I cannot recall now
cause I was too busy staring at his face.


1. DO NOT play if you know you have an impending migraine. My bad. I actually puked before bed.

2. Always diffuse the light from the LED. Some people used tracing paper. Our light was very bright and it didn't have a dimmer, so I used A4 papers. Just add more paper if you find it is still too bright.

3. The ideas for play are endless: Just following pinterest ideas will suffice.
Have fun!

Chinese New Year 2014

Hope you guys enjoyed Chinese New Year as much as we did. For us, it always meant family time, meeting up with relatives we only see once a year.

We also gave angpows to kids and unmarried people who should be ashamed they are still asking for money. Btw, why aunties who carry Chanel/LV bags so kiam siap? Only give RM5. 
Yes, Mr Image from Google.
Don't gimme that look, really one. I no bluff
I told hubs and he was like, If you give more, then you will receive more one day.
Ooookay, okay

The best part about CNY?
Very selfish reasons BUT I only get to eat this once a year.
If I buy this everyday, fat die me.
See the fatty bacon strips on the left?
 OMG, they are $#%$#%^^&&*** out of this world.
Especially the slightly spicy ones from Loong Kee
Truth be told, I never buy. I always 'steal' from my mom.
"Ma, Tiger really love the bak kua, you know?"
"Is it, nah take another bag laaaa"
Me hugs the bag, thinking, MINE, ALL MINE,
Tiger can have one piece, for health reasons.

 CNY also meant fireworks.
I love fireworks.
Tiger is still a wuss but slightly better that last year.
He made it all the way to the porch this time

Princess with papa
 Unlike Tiger, she receives ang pows with no shame :)

Yesterday, I told hubby that we should go on a strict diet over lunch.
At 11 pm, he said, Let's go Boston
I am on a diet (which is a lie, stupid bacon)
You just teman me. No need eat.
Pffft, as if.

We had steamed lala with ginger and rice wine, 
Hokkien mee
Three Smell (literal translation. It was sotong, fish and large prawns served
 in a sweet and sour sauce on a hot pan)

I nearly burst out of this Zara dress
And this was Day 1 of CNY

Happy Chinese New Year again.
Still can collect angpow until this Friday

Gong Xi
Gong Xi
We wish everyone of you who read till the end of this post (haha!)
a very huat-ar horse year!

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