Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Valentine's 2014

At the stroke of midnight, Valentine's this year, 
hubs and I were on the way home from work.
I looked over lovingly and said,
"Happy Valentine's Day, bay-beh"
With extra gatal voice laaa

He replied, "Ummm..."


Note to self: Must make sure that my son is not kayu like hubby

So, I trained him to make hearts
We cut out some hearts on manila cards and used glue make some pattern
We then sprinkled salt on the glue pattern and let them air dry overnight.
I also prepared some water colour in little dropper bottle.

 Great for strengthening those little hand muscles

Love the brilliant colours!
We used Crayola finger paints, mixed with water

I asked for a handsome smile!

We presented our hearts to Dragon girl.

Tiger warned her, "See only, cannot touch"

Dragon girl frowned, as if thinking can eat or not.

Tiger, reading her mind, replied, "Cannot eat also"

SO, cannot eat + cannot touch = useless
She walked away.

Here is the rambunctious 17 month-old. 
She really makes me so happy.
Best Valentine's gift ever!

Happy belated Valentine's to you guys too :)


Raven E. said...

Craft time with little ones are the best memories to make. I've kept all the little arts and crafts that the older kids made for me when they were younger. It sounds like it was a wonderful Valentines day.

甯妈妈 said...

may i know where you bought the little dropper bottle?

Jessica Tan said...

Thanks Raven. Indeed, they are!

Jessica Tan said...

I took from the clinic :p. Maybe you can ask your good GP/paed to spare you some?

甯妈妈 said...

hahahah...so...can u share some with me? i'm zoe :P

Jessica Tan said...

Then petrol may cost more than the bottles laa

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