Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Read & Play: We're Going On A Bear Hunt

We're going on a bear hunt.
Excellent book. One of my personal favs.
If you have never seen the book, here's the cover:

 We used these from sparklebox for matching games:

I thought, meh, So boring...
Let's make a small world play!
So, we gathered whatever props we had....

The teddy, I mean, the fierce bear in the 'cave'

Setting up the scene

The deep, cold river.
He wanted to use real water but the dolls were wooden dolls :(

Thick, oozy mud!
I used felt but brown play dough would have been better

The forest.
Some trees from his train set

The swirling, whirling snowstorm
Cotton balls and Christmas deco snowflakes

The cave
 Lil Dragon's teddy bear and his study chair

 In the bed, we had a pink blanket too!

 He decided that the bear was very hungry.
So, he broke down the door and ermmm, ate the family

You can tell this is a good book when:

1. The child begs for it: Again, again, again!
2. He remembers the scenes by second reading
3. He chants phrases from the book while pooping.

See, learning is always better while the heart is filled with love,
the mind is relaxed and oh well, the teacher is dedicated.

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