Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Messy Play: Sand

I am not sure if it is very obvious but if you have been following my homeschooling from when Tiger was a wee tiny tot, you would notice that our pace has slowed down considerably.

I am no longer the stressed out mama preparing materials at a break neck speed, asking my child to read, count; or shouting, what is this, what is that....

I know Tiger is capable of doing a lot more but I don't see the necessity now. I'd rather spend my time disturbing my kids when they are at work, arguing with Tiger, laughing at him together when he pronounces 'yellow' as 'lellow' or upstairs as up-pairs. He is able to read quite fluently now and I am still questioning myself if early reading was a wise move. Sometimes, I just throw my hands in the air and say whateves laaaa.....although, I must say that he seems to enjoy the fact that I cannot cheat him by saying stuff like the shop is closed when it clearly states OPEN.

Little Dragon.... One day, I caught her trying to count as she was playing quietly in a corner. When I tried to 'teach' her, she got mad and left me dumbfounded. Okay, okay, I got the message *sulks*

They are both sensitive to dirt and stuff stuck to their feet. Wished for similarities to prove that they are siblings and I got this. Haha, one of life's cruel little jokes  =.="

After weeks of being stuck indoors, I was literally begging for outdoor play.
Yes, me. Not The kids. Me.
Being confined indoors drove them bonkers.
They were shouty, fighty, nutty.

Both needed a good dose of messy play.
Since we are stuck in the water rationing zone, my neighbours would
most likely curse or spit if I blew up the huge inflatable pool.
So, sand it was.
All I said was, "Who wants to play sand?"
And zoooooom
The lil girl with heightened response to keys and handbags
Always the first one at the door.

Dragon girl was asking kakak to clean the sand from her feet.
'Err-ty, yiiiii....."
Her princess, haha, not mine.
 Any bratty behavior from this girl
is a result of kakak's devotion and love for her.
I take no credit.

Got Tiger some alphabet moulds from ELC.
His uncomfortable position in the sand pit betrayed him.
Playing in a pool of sand is still overwhelming for him
but I know he is trying to model a good sport for Lil Dragon.

He kept saying "See, mei-mei, I can make this."
We spelled his name and some sight words.
 Must revise a bit laaa. More productive use of our time ma. 
Yalar, yalar, very kiasu, I know :)
Dragon was more interested in throwing sand at everyone.

It was so blardy hot that day that I ran indoors after 20 minutes.
I hid behind the slightly ajar door, exposing only the tip of my nose, 
you know, just to show that I care.

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