Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lil Dragon: 1 year 8 months old

Life's 10 biggest achievements, thus far::

1. Standing up to bullying
Yep, that's right, I kid you not.
A bully who was twice her size told her that she couldn't play with 'her' high chair straps.
She looked at him straight in the eyes, pointed her right forefinger at him and said, "You! You! You!"
followed by gibberish words. She also gave him her trademark frown.
She was smacked by the bully in the end BUT the point is, she ain't not scared of nobody.
You just wait, you bully, you.....

2. Pooping behind furniture
There must be a gene for this.
One thing for sure, it ain't X-linked (coz Tiger was like that) and it didn't come from me.

3. Joining words together
No Kiss!
Kick Tiger!
Beat Mama!
Knock Papa!
Yeah, soooo ballet is out. We are looking at karate, gymnastics or break-dance.

4. Monkey in another life
She can kick, jump, climb, hop, and run as fast as any 2 year old.
Super-human agility this one.

5. A scribbler
Have I ever mentioned that Tiger never scribbled on walls/floor before?
Dragon on the other hand....anywhere but paper.... her toys, the tent, kitchen, Grandma, Tiger, my jelly thighs....
Tiger will be yelling stop! and cleaning up after her :)

6. She thinks she is half Indonesian
Look!!!! Apa tu?
At least she is trilingual la

7. She is health conscious.
No ice cream, yoghurt, fizzy gas drinks, etc.
Must be the decayed two front teeth.

8. Heaven is just outside the front door
It doesn't matter where she is headed. As long as she gets to put on her shoe and run around, she is happy. If you put her in the car, she would probably pee her diapers from excitement. 

9. People love her
It is ridiculous. Strangers just smile when she waddles by.
People keep telling her she is cute.
I put on my serious face and reply, "I know, it's crazy right? I'm so proud of my uterus."
She gets free stuff all the time.
It is sad when people forget to gift the mother's uterus.

10. She is finally ready for school.
She has been showing some awareness for letters lately, so we will be showing her some stuff....
Right now, she is at Letter B. Tiger tries his very best to teach her something but, and I quote, "I cannot teach her. She is too crazy"

11. Extra:: She loves to boogie
but I told her, "Sweetie, I always say that you can do anything BUT professional striping or anything that involves papa and I seeing you butt naked is not acceptable."
She laughed. I'm worried.

Kakak is in 8 out of 10 pics of Dragon. Can't blame my girl for madre confusion

Some school pics

She loves the Dot Markers, esp on human skin

Some practical life work:: pouring

She loves cleaning and wasting wet wipes

 Sudden interest in the mini knobbed cylinder

We usually end classes with a party,

Got this book + CD from BBW sale for RM8

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