Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tiger at 3 years 9 months

Besides homeschool, he is still attending Bao Bei for chinese lessons.
He is STILL reading cards from set B.
His slow-mo pace is killing me but I didn't tell him that.
I'll ask casually,"How many cards this week?"
He broke all records last week with one card.
If only you guys could have seen my expression when I found out...
Sigh...paying rm100 per week, okay?

Whenever I insist on reading chinese books, he always pick this set 
of books by Monique Felix. He adores them.
It is a set of 8 wordless books but he insist it is Chinese.
His stories will always be like this,
Once upon a time, a 'lau shu'.....
"lau shu" will be the only Chinese word he uses.

Right now, he is in Disney's Cars mode.
So, I googled and printed out a ton of stuff for him.
Things like tracing and patterning became a breeze.
Always, always follow the child's lead.

Right Brain 
Ever since I yelled at him once for not focusing, he isn't very interested anymore.
Actually his exact words were,"You say Ready Go one more time, I go out"

So, I had to trick him into playing memory games and matching.
Then slowly reintroduce linking memory and mandalas.
Must try harder to not be a shouty parent

I bought a microscope from ELC sales (50 + 10% discount, how to not buy leh?)
He isn't ready to appreciate the beauty of its function but it was
just as useful to watch him explore the apparatus, trying to figure out the parts

I was trying to install the battery, when he told me,
"Come, give me. I fix for you"

Checked with magnifying glass

Use tweezers to pry out the battery

When all else failed, use teeth.

He did this ala telescope
Laugh die me

After a demo by mama, he looked pretty professional....

But he still preferred this method in the end...haha!

I told him about collecting nature specimen and such 
after the blardy haze issue has resolved.
So, this is our "manly" adventure bag.

Being a teacher
He sounds like one actually. Rather bossy, like me :)
Dragon is always copying him anyways.
I love this pic cause Dragon was scratching her head in a 
Watcha-talking-about manner

 Being a brother
They still fight on a regular basis but ocassionally
they melt my heart, like this moment.
They were just staring at the oil blob thingy quietly, 
in mirroring positions.

Playing doctor.
Took so many videos of him giving injections, taking temperature, etc.

We spent a lot of time playing whatever they wanted. 
Mostly indoors since the haze is killing us but the authorities are too busy
putting on a monkey show for the international press to be bothered.

After MH370, he is not allowed to be pilot.
Work from home a tech whiz/nerd, okay?

Pray for #MH370

I cannot offer anything more than my thoughts and prayers.
I hope they are safe, somewhere.
In the meantime...
Hug your loved ones
Be grateful
Call your parents and tell them you love them, like right now.

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